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Wow I somehow saw this before somewhere.... Not to say that this isn't tottaly original. I dunno it was just like deja-vu.

Anyway great sound work, good animation, keep it up!


Please... consider pursuing other talents because flash just isn't one of them. Any dumbass off the street can import a song into flash, draw three frames, and call it a movie. If the preloader was copied then that's even worse (and it does seem like it is). If it is not then consider using your amazing programming "skills" to do something that involves neither graphics nor music for you have no skill with either.


Please include some actual voices in the next "episode" of this thing. Consider Making subtitles rather than weird boxes with little twists and curves around them. Also the drawings were a bit crude and I don't get what the hell this movie is about. It's extremelly random and makes no sense. The few jokes that were there were not ver funny. Most if not all the music has been remixes of super mario RPG or other such games which is not very original - you should consider using some sort of sound loops instead or better yet compose your own music. So work a bit on your graphics, add some speech and include some better jokes next time and i'm sure you'll do alright.

M-Kudas responds:

Voices will be included in the next one...Damn I forgot to say that...Hmmm but yeah they will. The Movie does not make sense thus that's why I put it in my comments that no one reads it seems. Ummm and what's wrong with video game music? Pfff I don't know how to make my own music so that's not gonna happen. I thank you for the fair review though, also like I said MM III I think was more humor related so go watch that one if this did not make you laugh.

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Too easy

Excessively simple, and since you can take your circle from your side and put it on the other, you can overlap the opponents and easily score points.

Good engine - weird plot

The game itself is pretty good save for the controls - they were a little tricky. The plot though is very strange. [Spoiler alert!] The idea that somehow russians would pull super-weapons out of their ass and that one random dude in nothing more than a t-shirt armed with a sole handgun could stop them is absurd. In the background graphics (which were nicely made may I add) there are crates of AK-47s lying around and yet you are being shot at by some pansies with handguns. Not very realistic at all.
On the other hand the cut scene comics were nicely made. Keep it up and try to come up with a plot that's a little more realistic if that's what you're going for.


This is one of the worst tutorials of flash that i've ever seen. How about you look at what other people have done and try to make yours BETTER than that; not worse. Here's an example of a good starting-off-in-flash tutorial:

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